Mail: Noel Drew
Unit I, Arena Design Centre
71 Ashfield Road
Manor House
N4 1FF

Tel: 07825 511803

Work - Web

I have been developing across web, desktop and mobile for for over 10 years primarily as a Flash/Flex and HTML/Javascript developer although I have experience with a number of other languages. I understand the importance of writing code that is reusable, easily readable and efficient. I keep up to date with modern web trends and developments in technology. I’m constantly looking for ways to improve systems and enjoy finding solutions to problems through the creative and imaginative use of existing technology and the development of new technology.

See below for examples of my work

Marks & Spencer - Flagship Launch

To launch their new Flagship website, M&S wanted to highlight the variety of new editorial content available. Working with Adjust Your Set we transformed their Marble Arch store front window into a giant interactive touchscreen with passers-by being able to swipe through a sample of content across their four key content categories.

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Liz Earle - Video Hub

Liz Earle TV was a video hub built to create a central location for a variety of content produced for the brand.Orginally built in Flash, the player was entirely rebuilt in HTML5/Javascript to provide tablet and mobile compatability. Products from the videos were not only featured down the right hand side but also provided chapter marks along the timeline allowing viewers to jump to the part of the video featuring the products they were interested in.

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Chatter was a tool built in house while working for Adjust Your Set. It is a social tool that allows staff and clients to aggregate, moderate and republish social commentary out to owned media sites through prebuilt widgets or as data via the API.

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NMVC is a lightweight MVC framework for creating client-side single page applications and prototyping. I developed it to allow me to continue working with separate class documents and utilise class based inheritance in order to speed up my development of prototype Javascript applications.

The core of the framework includes base classes for the applications model, views, and controllers. Methods for class based inheritance allow easy creation of application code. A callback based event management system handles application wide notifications and data transfer. During development code is separated out into individual class documents that are then built into one single file and minified for release. The library also includes plugins for Brackets and Edge Code that quickly create class templates

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Punch Card

A web app for tracking time spent on projects. The app sends the user notifications to remind them which project is being tracked. The application is built in HTML/Javascript using the NMVC framework with a Node/MySQL backend.

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Work - Creative

As a creative technologist I work closely with creative teams on a wide variety of briefs from social campaigns to interactive light installations and large scale projections. Interactivity plays a big role in the majority of my work both online and in the real world I have years of experience contributing technical know-how and creative expertise to the creative process. I am efficient when it comes to creating prototypes and testing concepts, quickly identifying problems and possible solutions.

Below is a selection of my work as a creative technologist.

Carphone Warehouse - Smarter World

Carphone warehouse wanted to inspire people about smartphone possibilities and position themselves as the smartphone and tablet destination. The solution was to create a digital hub where people could discover, interact and be inspired by the latest in connected technology. On top of the thousands of UGC contributions the hub was also home to 6 inspirational films following the stories of people who had pushed smartphone technology to the limits in life changing ways.

It required a custom built CMS, UGC upload and moderation tool and content delivery system to create a seamless continuous experience across desktop and mobile devices, and across .com, YouTube and Facebook.

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Spotify - Soundtrack to your life

The goal was to encourage conversations through Spotify and the language of music. The result is music tagging, an app that enables people to tag their pictures with music in the same way they would tag their friends thus creating shareable album-playlists. The result was a new way for people to engage with Spotify content while increasing it's visiblity across social putting Spotify at the heart of the conversation.

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Debenhams - Fabulous Summer Moments

An interactive experience showcasing lifestyle summer moments and clickable products from the spring/summer ’14 range. Viewers are able to navigate within each film by tilting their tablet or dragging their mouse. At any point the viewer could click on any of the items to view them in more detail or shop the range.

The three sequences (morning, afternoon and evening) were shot using motion control allowing the user to switch between the different times of the day while the video played back seamlessly

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Redrow - Smithson Tower

We wanted to turn the Redrow London Barbican Marketing Suite into a sleek interactive experience that brings together the core values of the Barbican; Culture, Technology and Design, through the use of projections and interactive displays.

We not only focused on the new development space at Fann Street but also looked at the heritage and lifestyle that the Barbican complex offers to prospective residents. We aimed to showcase the innovation and exclusivity of Fann Street and excite both existing residents as well as new residents.

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